About Us

Having went to Algonquin College for 3 years for Accounting and having many different Accounting jobs, falling in love with two geckos was the best thing that could of happen. When I brought them home my husband (Michael) wondered what I was doing but my daughter (Michaelia) and son (Matthew) thought I was the coolest mom ever.

Well like all the rest of you, I became addicted falling in love with everything from geckos to tegus to iguanas to ball pythons and burms. After filling my house and driving back and forth to Kanata to get feeders became a weekly chore until I met Simply Dragons who helped me out buying feeders then offering me her business as she was moving on too. So I took that opportunity and turned Gecko Gurl into a hobby of love for reptiles making sure everyone could afford to feed their reptiles without having to pay pet store prices because I knew I couldn’t afford it.

Gecko Gurl started August 2008,it was a trial and error type thing. At the time I was not sure what I was getting into selling BUGS, but now after all this time has passed and I have grown (with the help of my wonderful clients) I love everything about it. Gecko Gurl is my passion. I love reptiles and everything about them. I have worked hard to get where I am and I feels so good doing what I love. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and feel my passion for Gecko Gurl.

January 2014 another opportunity came to buy Capital Rodents and I have taken it on and I hope once again that the passion and the love for reptiles will move on with Gecko Gurl to help many more people love, feed and have access to food at a reasonable price.

December 2012 was a rough month for Gecko Gurl, Myself mostly. We had a house fire on Dec 24 and I lost all 72+ reptiles everything from leopard geckos, bearded dragons, chameleon, savannah monitor, black and white tegu, blue tongue skink, crested geckos, green tree python, burmese python, boas and corn snakes. I was literally heart broken and devastated with such a huge loss. The Banner on my home page, made by a close friend, are all of MY reptiles that I lost in the fire. I am grateful every time I look at the home page and see those beautiful creatures.

Gecko Gurl took another turn for the worse in May 2014, when I got really sick. I couldn’t run Gecko Gurl so I had to hire out to make sure everything go done and delivered. In December 2017 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I am still fighting this up hill battle every day but with the support of my family including my mom and dad I am able to do the thing I love most run Gecko Gurl.

August 2018 it will be 10 years I have worked along side some amazing clients. A lot of my clients have become friends along the way. My passion for Gecko Gurl has not changed I still love it. I thrive to do what is best for my clients and their reptiles. Its been a rocky and exciting road we have traveled together and I am so grateful to all of you for letting me continue on doing what I love.

February 2020, things have gotten really busy and I still love every minute of Gecko Gurl. All my customers are amazing and very supportive. Thanks for your continued support.

October 2022, Amanda has stepped back from the business to pursue new interests! However we continue to operate under new management! We look forward to your continuing support!