March 23 2020
Pet stores are classified as essential store, I will be working all the weeks needed to provide you and your pet with the best possible feeders and service but I need you to respect me as well.

1. At all pick up locations please only ONE person at the truck at a time giving me the space and time to serve you to my standards and allows us to keep our social distance.

2. Please if your paying cash please have proper change to make our interaction quick and simple. Less interaction the better. I prefer e transfer at this time!

3. Please be on time for all meets. I will wait 5 minutes ONLY. When you are late you make me late for all other deliveries and pick ups. If I am early or late I will let you know.
Patience is a must, in times like this and I appreciate yours as well as you appreciate mine.

4. If you feel under the weather please contact me sooner then later so we can make alternative arrangements. I am willing to work with you!

April 15 2020
Just updating you with new information regarding product.

Butter-worms will be until supplies last. They will not be available again until after import/export bans are lifted.

Silkworms are no longer available. Hoping will be back in 4-6 weeks, this is directly related to the pandemic.

Also, fish and livestock is also experiencing import/export issues and I will supply until supplies last.

All Feeder Feasts will be available, butters will be replaced with extra wax and horns.
June 1 2020
Butters are back in stock, not sure how long but have a few containers.

Betta Fish & Fish are starting to come in stock, small quantities so please message for quantities.

No word on when Silkworms will be back in stock, stay tuned to Facebook page ( and website for further announcements.