Live Arrival Guarantee

All Insect feeders have a 24 hour Guarantee with the exception of Silkworms and Hornworms there Guarantee is for only 12 hours from delivery, this is due to their sensitivity.

All Live Rodent are non-refundable, once you have received the order. If you received a Dead on Arrival (DoA) then we must be contacted within 6 hours of delivery. All live rodents need to be paid for in advance. No refunds will be given for returned rodents, missed pickups, missed deliveries or cancelled orders passed 2pm Tuesdays, this is due to the care and feeding requirements of live rodents.

All Dead on Arrival (DoA) need to be reported to via text message @ 613- 326-1142 with proof of DoA, ASAP. At this point we will discuss the best method to replace the Feeders and make arrangements to do so.

Most times I will give you a credit towards your next order. Unless a different agreement is made.

Disclaimer: As Oct 5 2021 – Due to the upcoming change in weather I need everyone to answer there doors in a prompt manner if feeders are left outside this voids all live arrival guarantees. Due to the amount of deliveries I do in a 12 hour period I need too keep the wheels rolling. Thanks for your Cooperation in advance.