We carry tropical fish in limited supply. Please contact us directly to verify stock before placing your order.

Interested in a fish that you don’t see here? Some fish can be special ordered. See our list of species available for special order below.

Special Order Species

Our access to fish changes often. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us to ask as we may now be able to get it in stock.

For pricing and to place an order, please contact us through our Contact Page.

Betta Long Fin
Betta-Crown Tail
Betta- Double Tail
Betta- Delta
Betta-Dragon Scale
Betta-Dumbo Piranha Med
Betta-Half Moon
African Dwarf Frog
Albino Plecos
Albino Shark
American Flag Fish
Angel Assrt(small)
Angel Black Med
Angel Black Small Rosey Minnow
Angel fish Assorted(Large)
Angel Fish small Silver Dollar
Angelicus Spotted spotted Angelicus
Black Telescope goldfish Synodontis Valentine
Blue Acara Tetra Painted White
Blue Ram Cichlid Tetra Red Eye
Botia Red Tail Blue Tiger Barb
Catfish Green Aneus Sm
Catfish Pygmy
Cherry Barb
Chinese Algae Eat
Cichlid Green Terror
Cichlid Keyhole
Cichlid Ram Blue
Cichlid Strawberry/Peacock
Clown Loach
Clown Pleco
Comet-Pool size 4*5″
Commet/Feeder Medium
Commet/Feeder Small
Cory Cat Fish
Danio assorted
Fan Tail Red Goldfish Med
Fan Tail Red Goldfish Small
Female Guppy
Flying Fox Siamese
Gourami Assorted
Harlequin Rasbora Purple
Male Guppy
Molly Assorted Med
Molly Black Med
Neon Tetra Md
Neon Tetras sm
Oscars Assorted (small)
Painted White Tetra
Pictus Cat Fish
Piranha Med
Platty Assorted
Platty Sunset
Pleco Golden
Pleco Medium 2-3″
Pleco Small 1.5-2″
Rasbora Purple Harlequin
Red Belly Piranha
Red tail Black Shark
Rosey Minnow
Siamese Algae Eater
Silver Dollar
Spotted Angelicus
Synodontis Valentine
Tetra Painted White
Tetra Red Eye
Tiger Barb

Contact us to place special orders for fish.