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We can bring in special order reptiles for delivery and/or pickup. Below is the list of available reptiles. This list changes weekly so please contact to see if they have already found a home. All reptiles are pay in advance takes about 2 weeks to get them in.

List as of May 22, 2019

Curly Hair-1″
Curly Hair-2″
Curly Hair-4″
Togo Starburst-3/4″
Chinese Giant-3″
Salmon Bird Eater-3″
Indian Ornamental-3″
Striped Knee-3″
Brazillian Black-1″
Mexican Red Knee-1″
Pumpkin Patch-3/4″
Carribean Tree
Dark Earth Tiger

Yellow Burrowing-3″

Albino Horned Frog
Green Horned Frog
Brown Horned Frog
Strawberry Horned Frog
Pixie Frog
Giant Pixie Frog
Clown Tree Frog(Cent. Ameri)
Tomato Frog
Chubby Frog
Green Tree Frog(small)
White’s Tree Frog(small)
White’s Tree Frog(Medium)

Spiny Tailed Iguana
Bearded Dragon(small)
Savannah Monitor(baby)
Sun Skink
Tokay Gecko(large)
Tokay Gecko(small)
Water Dragon(Medium)
Mountain Horned Dragon
Leopard Geckos Assorted
Banded Geckos(Central American)
Green Baslisks

Moon Crabs
Hermit Crab(small)
Hermit Crab(Medium)

Tortoise & Turtles
Russian Tortoise-apprx 6-7″

Ball Python Reg(baby)
Sinaloan MilkSnake
Albino Korean Rat Snake(Male)
Lavender Alb. Spider Ball Pyth.Male
Banana Het.Red Ball Male
Mojave Sterling Ball Male
Blotched King Snake
Banana Spider Ball
1 Normal Ball Python
African House Snake
Melanistic House Snake
Chocolate California King Snake
Nelson’s Milk Snake
Solomon Island Tree Boa
Albinio Carpet Python(Female)2017
Yellow Amazon Tree Boa(Adult)
Green Rat Snake

If there is a species not listed here that you are interested in, feel free to contact us for availability and pricing at



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