Hydei Fruit Fly Culture

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Drosophila hydei is a larger fruit fly at 3 mm in size. This makes them the ideal live food choice to feed to the larger species of Dart Frogs, such as Dendrobates Tinctorius, Auratus, Leucomelas, Ameerega, Mantella, Hyalinobatrachium. These flightless fruit flies are also a great food source for Baby Praying Mantis, Micro Geckos, like mourning geckos and phelsuma klemmeri, baby viper geckos and many more small geckos.

Fruit flies are an excellent food for dart frogs, baby tree frogs, praying mantis, baby chameleons, anoles, salamanders, newts, many kinds of lizards, spiders, scorpions and more! Unlike other feeders like crickets, fruit flies can not be “gut loaded” This is why it is highly recommended that they be dusted with the vitamins and minerals that your frogs will need at the time of feeding.

Flightless fruitflies. Culture will produce flies for a month.


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