Frozen African Soft Fur Rats (ASFs)

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Limited availability, we try to keep current stock levels up to date.

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ASF Sizes

Fuzzy, Fuzzy(6-10g), Jumbo (70g+), Large, Large (40-54g), Large(50-70g), Medium (30-39g), Pinky, Pinky (1-4g), Small (20-29g), Small(18-25g), XL (55g-75g), Day Old Pinky (<3g), Pinky (3-6g), Fuzzy (6-10g), Hopper (10-20g), Weaned (19-29g), Sub Adult (30-39g), Small Adult (40-55g), Medium Adult (56-79g), Large (80-99g), XLarge (100-119g), Jumbo (120g+)


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