Big Bites ‘Pink’ Springtail Culture (Sinella Curviseta)

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Pink Springtails (Sinella Curviseta) are considered a larger tropical species than regular ‘white’ spring tails.  They have a light pink hue and are extremely prolific breeders that will quickly multiply given the right conditions.

Sinella Curviseta tolerate a wide range of conditions making them excellent for arid or tropical terrarium enclosures.

Additionally they can be used as a food source for smaller species like dart frogs, fish, newts and more.

Springtails help to keep your enclosure clean meaning you spend less time cleaning the enclosure and more time enjoying your enclosure and inhabitants.  This small white insects live in the substrate of the enclosure and eat waste (aka poop), mold and decaying matter in the enclosure. They also create a tunnel system to help with the oxygenation of the substrate. They are sometimes referred to as “Janitors” or “Clean Up Crew”.

Each culture comes in a 16oz container, each container contains horticultural charcoal and water.

To move them from the container to your enclosure you can add additional water to the container and them dump the excess water into your enclosure.

Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 18 cm


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